Paula "Change the Subject" (ft. Cadence Weapon)

Paula 'Change the Subject' (ft. Cadence Weapon)
David Carriere has been involved with bands like TOPS and Montreal's Silly Kissers but is now branching out on his own. Using the moniker Paula, the new music has been described as "both the strength and the fragility that holds human nature together."

To get a better idea about how that actually sounds, check out the collaborative track "Change the Subject" from Paula and Edmonton's Cadence Weapon. It's a danceable retro-sounding track featuring a verse from the Canadian rapper.

Listen to "Change the Subject" in the player below.

Paula's debut album Relaxed Fit is out today (November 22) via Arbutus Records and can be purchased here as a pay-what-can release.

Paula - Change The Subject Ft. Cadence Weapon by Arbutus Records