Paul McCartney Working with Mark Ronson on New Material

Paul McCartney Working with Mark Ronson on New Material
Photo: Steve Louie
Having left his mark on the careers of UK pop stars like Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lily Allen while working on his often spotty solo career, production whiz Mark Ronson is now adding his slick, soulful sheen to new music from former Beatle and recent Kurt Cobain impersonator Paul McCartney.

As Billboard reports, the two first linked up when Ronson was the DJ at McCartney's wedding in 2011. Now, they've teamed up on three songs together, a process that Ronson has described as "insane."

"It's really good. He writes really good songs," Ronson said. "He understands that you're so nervous to be working with Paul McCartney 'cause everyone is. He gives you a lot of leeway, but then at the end of the day you need to deliver the goods.... You take a master class in production, like harmonies and layering sounds and arrangement. His ideas are just incredible."

As for how the music sounds, Ronson said, "I don't know if (our stuff) is revolutionary, but they're brilliant songs. I just tried to give him a sound he was looking for."

Stay tuned for more info on Paul McCartney's new album as it becomes available.