Paul Cargnello Lightweight Romeo

For years, the Vendettas reminded us that the Montreal music scene was more than just Blink 182 cover bands, outdated swing/ska ensembles and pretentious Quebecois divas. The Vendettas brought meaning back to music through their roots/reggae/rock sound, facing political issues in their lyrics that other musicians dared not tread. Thankfully for us, the Vendettas front-man Paul Cargnello has kept that fire burning with his first solo album. Released on Montreal’s Stand Alone Records, a label designed to foster the careers of solo musicians, Cargnello’s Lightweight Romeo is a moody mix of blues and rock, with that little extra something coming from Cargnello’s silvery voice. The charismatic dude in an urban ’40s-style suit and hat entices audiences with his tales of love, life and, of course, politics. Tracks like "I Still Choose You” and the single, "Urban Revolutionary,” dare to attempt to make Cargnello more popular than his previous band ever was. (Stand Alone)