Patrick Wolf Doubles His Trouble

Patrick Wolf Doubles His Trouble
Flamboyant UK wunderkind Patrick Wolf has revealed plans to make album number four a double. Via the multi-instrumentalist’s MySpace blog, he took time out from his cousin’s wedding to say he has a pair of albums in the works, writing "I have two albums coming out soon. Think Smashing Pumpkins, Kate Bush. I’m going double, double, trouble.”

He was unclear in the post whether the records would be all Mellon Collie and packaged together or if he would go the Use Your Illusion route, with the albums coming out separately. But whatever he decides, he did ensure that the records would try to cover all his bases.

"One disc is heartbroken and in deep despair. One is in deep dark joy dedicated to my new love, my old and forever love, William the Conqueror,” he wrote. "The album has been in my blood for a year and much more. The label thinks it will be a disaster, I’m sure, as it comes more from the bottom of my heart even than Lycanthropy [Wolf’s debut], about my father's cancer, my solitude, my true love, my Irish roots, everything that has touched me to the core in the last year."

Well, by the looks of this, it seems he’s finally done with that whole retirement thing he was going on about last year.

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