Patrick Robitaille Change

Since Jeff Buckley's passing 13 years ago there have been a slew of canyon-voiced faux-romantics who, one after the other, completely miss the point. Windsor, ON's Patrick Robitaille concurrently attempts to buck and ride that trend with his fourth self-released LP, Change. Wafting upon a river of minor-keyed electronics and heavy-handed keyboards, Robitaille conceals a series of worn-pun and been-done lyrics with soaring, roaring, soul-wrenched vocals. Songs like "You Don't Notice," which apparently features fellow Windsor resident Ashley MacIsaac playing fiddle somewhere on it, "We Won't Change" and "Nobody's Taking a Stand" favour flash over flesh, with Robitaille sacrificing melody and mood for more mechanical, tangible modes of voice and zealousness. Change is a well conceived, albeit poorly executed, collection of songs, featuring a man with a golden voice. It sadly comes off more fulfilling for the artist than the listener. (Independent)