Patootihed Pranksta

Frenetic drum & bass the way I remember it, when the rhythms erupted as hard as a jackhammer but with crazy samples over top, including the first movement of Stravinsky's "Rites of Spring," the chatter of deranged munchkins and humorous voiceovers, not to mention plenty of toxic waste bass lines to singe your stereo. As good as this album is, the fact that this album takes me back is not exactly the best attribute of the artist, since no new territory was explored that gurus like Panacea and Alec Empire haven't already mapped out. Not to mention the levels on the record could have been pushed higher to rattle the brain the way Dieselboy does. Pranksta is a good debut for an aspiring drum & bass artist, and it certainly takes guts to release a CD in a genre where such formidable artists as Technical Itch would leave any producer feeling they were batting after Babe Ruth. (Corporate Giant)