Pat LePoidevin Moonwolves

Pat LePoidevin's second record, Moonwolves, is a moody, stripped-down collection of folk songs whose narratives appear to come straight out of Aesop's Fables. His affecting vocals rise from within low rumbles, morphing into melodious, Bon Iver-ian howls, as if conjuring the emotions of the characters in the song. Like the wolf, the Princeton, BC native sings about isolation and separation ― alone, yet cognizant that his sound echoes to an empathic collective. "The Moon Wolf Dance," tinged with a Scottish flavour, and the folk mantra of "You Know Your War" are attention grabbing tracks, but it's with quiet, contemplative songs like "Ringo the Rat" and "The Moon Wolf Departure" that your heart melts, pleading for more bittersweet agony. Through his life, character and music, LePoidevin shows us, more than tells us, how to find strength forging our own path, singing our wounds to sleep and finding comfort in loving what we once feared. (BridgePort Falls)