Pastels Team up with Tokyo's Tenniscoats for Two Sunsets

Pastels Team up with Tokyo's Tenniscoats for <i>Two Sunsets</i>
Legendary Scottish indie pop troupe and one-time C86 stars the Pastels have somehow managed to remain active since 1982, though their last recorded material was a soundtrack released in 2003. Now, however, the group have joined forces with like-minded Japanese popsters Tenniscoats and have done a bit of east-meets-west to record a brand new full-length.

Known as Two Sunsets, the groups' first collaborative effort will be released on September 22 through Domino/Geographic. The album was produced over a three year period, with recording sessions taking place while Tenniscoats toured the UK.

To cut and paste a bit from the press release, "The album started out casually from a simple idea of booking some studio time to see what happens. Songs seemed to arrive as needed and a group mode was established, usually Saya and Ueno from Tenniscoats with Stephen, Katrina and Gerard Love from the Pastels with Tom Crossley, Alison Mitchell, and sometimes Norman Blake [of Teenage Fanclub] and Bill Wells dropping by. The sound is sort of compact but not too earth-bound; it opens out with graceful notes, odd notes, the melodic clang of cars and trees in the summer, and birds, trees, slopes, adventures. It's melodic, optimistic, brilliant."

And don't worry, Stephen Pastel does spend a bit of time behind the mic on this one.

Prior to the album, the Pastels and Tenniscoats will release a single for the album track "Vivid Youth," which will be backed by instrumental and regular versions of the Jesus and Mary Chain's "About You."

Two Sunsets:

1. "So Many Stars"
2. "Two Sunsets"
3. "Song For A Friend"
4. "Vivid Youth"
5. "Yomigaeru"
6. "Modesty Piece"
7. "About You"
8. "Boats"
9. "Hikoki"
10. "From On A Mountain_Sodane"
11. "Mou Mou Rainbow"
12. "Start Slowly"