Passion Pit "The Reeling"

Passion Pit 'The Reeling'
I'm not sure why, but Cambridge, MA's Passion Pit keep cancelling their scheduled Canadian gigs. It comes as a surprise considering head Pit Michael Angelakos told me back in December that he's excited about playing Canada, seeing as he's originally from Buffalo and all. Hmm... not sure what's up there, but apparently they'll be attempting to play some shows here in June.

Anyways, the now fivesome are preparing to release their debut album on May 19 through French Kiss. Titled Manners, the album finds Passion Pit more as a band effort than just Angelakos writing Valentine's Day gifts for his lady. Included on the album is their hit, "Sleepyhead," which was also on last year's breakthrough Chunk of Change EP and an iTunes ad.

While I can't say Manners is "unbelievably different from the EP" like Angelakos told me it would, I've gotta big up first single "The Reeling." An immediate standout, it has the same effervescence flowing through its veins as its predecessor. Retro synths screech and stutter and a big fat drumbeat, not to mention those juicy '80s tom pads reverberate everywhere, amplify the band's lofty ambitions. As always, Angelakos' helium-filled falsetto squeal hits all the right spots, especially when the girls back him in the chorus.

It's fun, bubbly and delivers on the heavy praise all the blogs showered Passion Pit with late last year.

Now, all they have to do is get their asses up here and prove they can pull it off live.