Passage and the Bomarr Monk Moods & Symptoms

Passage and the Bomarr Monk get down to business quick on Moods & Symptoms, exposing what they have in store throughout this album - personal stories without fear of emotion - right from the Bomarr-produced "Intro." Next, it's a roller-coaster ride of sounds and words that is never less than interesting. A number of different producers with the same musical bent add a lot of variety, with fluid movement throughout each song being the only thing they all have in common. The lyrics touch on topics like old relationships ("French Pickup Line"), living in Nowheresville, USA ("Extinction") and trying to be yourself in a world where conformity is encouraged ("Installation I"). But, as good as both parts are, what brings the beats and lyrics together to make this a classic release is the delivery of the two MCs. Utilising a sort of fast-paced, sing-song style, which flows so well over the beats that you cannot deny their skills, Passage and the Bomarr Monk create some unbelievable tracks: "Installation I," "Irrational," and "Resonance," featuring AdeeM, to name only a few. Moods & Symptoms is the kind of album that is good to see out of newcomers, because it proves that there is a future for hip-hop and that it may not have to be the future of stagnant music we're hearing too much of now. This may be the most difficult album for you to find that you will absolutely want to hear, but you do want to know what's going to be hot in five years, don't you? (Independent)