Parsley Sound Platonic Rate

Parsley Sound is a duo on Mo'Wax that is out to mess with our minds with their latest EP. "Platonic Rate" has the type of magic that was smothered all over the Stone Roses' debut. Short and seemingly simple, the track has so many features to it that it's actually quite busy. The lazy vocals relax the senses but then the strings come in and out to create a sense of paranoia that brings a whole new element to the music. It is beautifully done, but it sounds too easy; something must be wrong. And there is no change as the next couple of tracks pass by. The music is calm, yet eerie at the same time. "Sitar Magic" truly lives up to its name, but strangely the sitar seems to be absent for most of the song, leaving the inspiration of the title a mystery. Another track, "Ease Yourself & Glide," is as laidback as its title suggests. A casually looped drum beat glides to a bass line that sounds about a century old and is then joined in by some blasé vocals, yet it sounds like an out of control house party for the motivationally challenged. There is something going on with this duo from the UK, and when their debut album hits, we should all watch out, because it's going to be some tricky shit. (Mo' Wax)