Paradroid Romanticism in Robotic Systems

Clicks and cuts, no ifs, ands, or buts; there is definitely some influence from sound surgeon Akufen on this disc. Sadly, it lacks the same pop hook sensibility, but there are still some cool noises here. If anything, there are way too many cool noises here. Obviously with titles such as "Romantic Crystallite Illusions,” "Pneumatic Servo Valve” and "Chromosomal Microdeletions” you know you’re not dealing with the latest Britney Spears record anyways. "His Arm Was Her Leg” has a good kind of thump, and the same can be said for opener "Starting at the Airplanes,” but too many tracks here lose themselves experimenting in the middle-of-nowhere, not rocking the dance floor and being too unstructured to serve as good home listening. Sometimes as 15 different samples fire off every second, it’s hard not to think that at times the wave of microhouse producers following in Akufen’s wake are more concerned with the quantity of edits than the quality of music. (Plateaux Resistance)