Parabola Voice of Arcs

Emerging from existentially vacuous noise comes the first tentative rumblings of percussion, wailing notes from a saxophone followed by the rest of a musical septet of what could be one of the zaniest free-improv/avant jazz bands out there. Voice of Arcs is a more accomplished record than Parabola's debut release, but noticeably missing, however, is the Bukowski-esque humour that gave them their initial flair. Instead, this release has more in common with Ornette Coleman's brazen strangeness, only Parabola utilises sounds like vacuous drones, tape loops and record scratching, thus adding a more contemporary slant. Perhaps Voice of Arcs is Halifax, Nova Scotia's answer to illbient music. Quirky, nutty and fun with some dark atmospheres countered with intense instrumental build-ups that smoulder, these guys know their instruments well, only they let the drones run off a tad too long. I would rather hear these talented players do their thing as opposed to these oft elongated noise bits that punctuate much of the album. (Independent)