Pantha Du Prince Details His This Bliss Follow-Up, Gets Panda Bear to Guest

Pantha Du Prince Details His <i>This Bliss</i> Follow-Up, Gets Panda Bear to Guest
After breaking the news last month that Pantha Du Prince (aka Hendrick Weber) had signed to Rough Trade, the German minimal techo maestro has dropped some more details on what we can expect from his much-anticipated This Bliss follow-up.

First off, the record is being given the rather awesome title Black Noise and will be due out via Rough Trade on February 8 in the UK and Europe (presumably the day after in North America). Secondly, it's coming with some guest stars attached, including !!!/LCD Soundsystem member Tyler Pope and Animal Collective bro Noah "Panda Bear" Lennox.

If you've been keeping up with Animal Collective, you'll recall that Pantha Du Prince redid the band's "Peacebone" track in 2007, and that Lennox name-dropped Weber more than a few times in recent years.

There's no track-listing yet for Black Noise but it looks as if Panda Bear is on a track dubbed "Stick to My Side" and Pope guests on another song called "The Splendour." There is also apparently a track with the title "Es Schneit," which is based on the Durutti Column chill-out "Hilary."