Fortunately there's a lot more to Vancouver's P:ano than their oh so clever name. Yes, they do use a piano on some of the songs, but their debut album, When It's Dark And It's Summer, definitely isn't a one-dimensional record. It's a sombre affair that uses sparseness to create wonderfully atmospheric songs that meander along at their own pace. Imagine the velocity of Low mixed with the sweetness of Yo La Tengo and you begin to get close to P:ano's sound. They've recruited enough guest musicians (including Veda Hille and members of Radiogram) to swell their roster to double figures, giving the music both depth and breadth, making it the musical equivalent of Cinemascope. The use of more unusual instruments, like a bowed saw, keeps the whole thing interesting, even in the quieter moments when there's not much going on. When It's Dark And It's Summer might not be the kind of record that you listen to every day, but there's definitely a place for its gentle melancholy in most people's lives from time to time.