Panda Bear's Tomboy Celebrated with Series of Skate Decks

Panda Bear's <i>Tomboy</i> Celebrated with Series of Skate Decks
There's no denying that Panda Bear's long-awaited Tomboy album is a remarkable achievement, but once you have bought the album and really let it sink in, how else are you supposed to show your love for it? Well, the skateboard pushers at Alien Workshop have you covered, with a new series of Panda Bear skate decks.

As Pitchfork points out, Alien Workshop have unveiled two fancy skate decks bearing Tomboy-related art. Aside from graphics on the bottom, these babies also have painted Panda Bear art on the griptape, making them an ideal way for you to flaunt your love of the album. If you happen to shred your Animal Collective Keep shoes while you're grinding rails, however, that's your own problem.

Ordering information is not available just yet, as these decks are listed as "available soon." We have an inkling that they're going to sell out as soon as they get posted, so we would advise you to keep an eye on the Alien Workshop site.