Panda Bear "Surfers Hymn" (Actress remix)

Panda Bear 'Surfers Hymn' (Actress remix)
Panda Bear's fourth and final instalment in his Tomboy seven-inch series apparently came out on March 14 via Kompakt. But if you've yet to find yourself a copy, you can check out the B-side online.

Down below, you can stream the Actress remix of Panda Bear's "Surfers Hymn." But if you're wanting to pick this one up on vinyl, we recommend you hunt it down tout suite, because we're guessing it's going to be gone, gone, gone anytime now.

Along with the new single, Panda Bear's Tomboy full-length is still heading our way on April 12 via Paw Tracks.

UPDATE: No wonder we can't find this in the shops. The release has been delayed until March 28.