Pan·American 360 Business/360 Bypass

After absorbing Pan·American's second release, one might suspect that its creative epicentre Mark Nelson, who moonlights from his regular stint as guitarist for Labradford, is also a part time psychologist. This all-encompassing cerebral dub masterwork is the aural equivalent of a Rorschach test that beckons the listener to delve deep within its sonic architecture. The structure of the album is laid out as a vertical cross-section of sounds that stretch from earthly subterranean pulses all the way on up to the stratosphere where ethereal and airy wisps signal, allowing one constant reinterpretation and discovery of new tracks by patching into any of these layers at any time. Contributing to the project as the aural switchboard operators are Low's Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, as well as coronetist Rob Mazurek of the Chicago Underground Trio/Duo who provides a subtle yet organic compliment to the electronic tapestry. Choose your own adventure. (Kranky)