Palehorse Habitual Linestepper

London's Palehorse are said to be experimental combined with post-punk, which might not be fully inaccurate given their guitar-less line-up (dual bassists) and rejection of any semblance of structure, but the effort comes across sounding sadly contrived. This is the sort of band from whom you expect a lot more given their ten years of performing together, with eight under the current moniker. Habitual Linestepper is the band’s sophomore effort despite that generous time period and the album sounds like an EP from an adolescent community centre fixture, as opposed to a decade-old "experimental” band. The songs often begin with a pretty electronic soundscape but without fail build up to an eruption of messy, chugging riffs that get old fast. Juxtaposing a post-rock montage with a sudden burst of fuzzy noise doesn’t qualify your band as experimental and certainly sounds amateurish without the saving grace of any sort of supplemental quality. (Eyesofsound)