Pale Eyes "This Coward's Theory of Beauty"

Pale Eyes 'This Coward's Theory of Beauty'
People loved the churning bass sax vibes of Colin Stetson's New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges, especially the track "Judges," so the only thing more surprising than the fact that someone has sampled the track for their own use, is that it took this long to happen.

The group in question are Pale Eyes, a Toronto-based quartet featuring one-time Montrealers Lisa J. Smith (formerly of Pony Up, the Dears and Archivist) and her Archivist bandmate Ben McCarthy.

Their song "This Coward's Theory of Beauty" loops the deep burbling of Stetson's original to form the backbone of a track that sounds like a Kid A B-side.

You can stream and/or download the song below, where you can also watch their clip of two kids making out.