Paik Monster of the Absolute

Though they’re only a trio of the standard guitar, bass and drums ilk, Paik craft a wall of sound that is as broad in stature as it is wide in breadth. Taking inspiration from the decaying state of their hometown of Detroit, Paik’s instrumental fervour is dense and metallic, as much a derivative of noise rock as it is of post-rock. "Snakeface,” for instance, careens and glides along like a lost My Bloody Valentine track being hardwired through a distortion box that’s been set on fire. The band’s fifth album to be released since forming back in 1997, Monster of the Absolute demonstrates that Paik certainly have no shortage of ideas or enthusiasm at hand, and since they toured with Stephen Malkmus last year, it could be the time is at hand for Paik to find a wider audience for their delicate balancing act of vitality and erosion — they’re certainly worth the attention. (Strange Attractors)