Pacific UV Pacific UV

With Jason Pierce holing Spiritualized up in a dingy garage, someone has to keep the dreamy space rock coming and Georgia-based Pacific UV can definitely satisfy those needs. Produced by Andy Lemaster (Bright Eyes) and David Barbe (Wilco), Pacific UV is a two-and-a-half-year account of a band set on finding their niche. Completely re-recorded after the first sessions were scrapped, the album glides slowly like a cloud in the sky, whilst maintaining a level of serenity relaxed enough to be sold as a legal sedative. Though the hero worship of J. Spaceman (check the aptly named "Maryanne”) and Slowdive ("Blind”) is quite indiscreet, the songs come together nicely as a tribute to an underestimated musical movement. Featuring Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor and Japancakes’ Heather Mcintosh, as well as samples from Harmony Korine’s Julien Donkey Boy, Pacific UV’s debut album is a attractive set of drowsy soundscapes that can leave you in awe. (Warm)