Pacific UV Longplay 2

Space rock has lately been staked out by lumberjacks and potheads who attack the cosmic continuum with white rapids of feedback and reverb as though they were staving off an invasion of Martian narcs. The ensuing noise may have caused a forgetfulness of a kinder, gentler spacewalking but at least PacificUV remember. The Athens, GA quintet (plus helper friends) recall the sway created by groups like Spiritualized and Mazzy Star, but put their own stamp on it with rings of synths and electronics. Opener "Alarmist” finds an interesting groove that fits between mid-period Mogwai bombast and gentler ambient electronics. The good work is shaken a little by "Need,” a track that promises Jesus and Mary Chain but delivers Hum (and not good Hum at that — wait, does anyone remember Hum?). But "Orson” proves the group know how to spin a good epic: build a nicely varied and moody tower then burn the bastard down and let the electronic bugs dance in the embers. (Warm)