Pachanga Boys We Are Really Sorry

Pachanga BoysWe Are Really Sorry
Superpitcher and Rebolledo make their debut as the Pachanga Boys with We Are Really Sorry, an album dominated by comedy and space. Through 15 tracks, the duo guide listeners on an adventure through the world of Pachanga, making stops in their self-created settlements of Cheesetown, Coffeetown and Boottown, as described in their "Superfancy Lifestyle." From the absurdities of tracks like "Speedo and Boots," which sees the duo describing themselves strutting on the beach in nothing but speedos and boots over hilariously simple drum sequences and synth work, to the intensely minimal sounds of "Clapdance," which features nothing more than a clap and occasional vocalizations for three-and-a-half minutes, the Pachanga Boys conquer sonic comedy with surprising ease. However, once the novelty of the comedic Pachanga sound wears off, the album drags on slowly and will likely garner only a single play front-to-back from most listeners. While the Pachanga Boys have a brilliant sense of humour, musically We Are Really Sorry cannot overcome the undeniable absurdity of the album's thematic content. (Hippie Dance)