Ozzy Osbourne Has No Idea What Brexit Is

"People keep going on at me about that — is it a big deal over there?"
Ozzy Osbourne Has No Idea What Brexit Is
Ozzy Osbourne was born and raised in the United Kingdom, yet despite being English, the Prince of Darkness apparently has no idea what Brexit is.

Despite Brexit being the most important issue facing the U.K. right now, the whole thing has somehow been missed entirely by Los Angeles-based Ozzy.

In a new interview in The Big Issue, the Black Sabbath icon was asked his opinion about Brexit, and he gave this stunner of a reply:

People keep going on at me about that — is it a big deal over there? What will happen with it? Are people voting in or out, what's going on? I don't read the newspapers and I don't really talk politics because I don't really know. I don't really understand Brexit.

And that's not the only thing Ozzy is confused about either. In the interview, the topic of the Kardashians was brought up, with the singer telling the publication, "I said to Sharon the other day, 'What the fuck is the deal with these Kardashians? They don't sing, they don't act, they don't do anything. She told me, 'The trend now is that people want to be celebrities and make money for doing fucking nothing.'"

And yes, this comes from a man who starred in his very own reality TV show The Osbournes for four seasons.

As previously reported, Osbourne will kick off the second North American leg of the "No More Tours 2" tour next year. You can see all the upcoming North American dates over here