Oxford Collapse "Spike Of Bensonhurst"

Oxford Collapse "Spike Of Bensonhurst"
While the release of their second album for Sub Pop was pushed back in March to August 7 due to a surplus of records coming out in the spring on the label, Brooklyn's Oxford Collapse have prepped a seven-inch to satiate fans till… well, they release their The Hann-Byrd EP on Comedy Minus One on June 13 – and of course, the new album in August.

Released by Flameshovel Records on May 13, Spike of Bensonhurst b/w Bloopers will be limited to 500 copies, 100 of which will be pressed on shiny orange vinyl.

Leaving their guitars on the floor, the trio embrace their inner R.E.M. on "Spike of Bensonhurst" for a pensive look at getting older, as the narrative follows a character returning home to live with the folks. Leaving the guitars on the floor in exchange for some pianos and bells, it's a well-made reflection with as much poignancy as an episode of The Wonder Years, that captures that secure sense of being home again. Michael Pace and Adam Rizer neatly drop in lines about the how (most likely) the mom lines up the (most likely) son's Vans, and how "his" room. (I think I want to call my mom and dad right now, just to say, y'know, "Thanks guys.")

Let's hope this is what we have to expect from BITS come August 7.

Pre-order the seven-inch here.