Ox Movements

"Crushing” is one of Sons Of Otis front-man Ken Baluke’s favourite adjectives. And, appropriately it applies to OX, which finds him going it alone, for his ambient drone project. In the tradition of acts like Sunn or their inspiration Earth, Ox is a feedback and effects drenched slo-mo mind-fuck. Picture looking waaaaay up at Ken, the size of Paul Bunyon, wielding an entirely different breed of axe, strung with hydro wires. His eyelids drooping and benumbed by pills, he plugs into the TARDIS…and waits, as the space effects wash over you, then, when they finally come, the riffs go right through you. No drums, no bass, no vocals, just some trippy effects and glacially slow riffs. This is ten inches of vinyl that packs a powerfully anesthetising wallop. Do not operate any heavy equipment under its influence. (Kult Of Nihilow)