Ox Dustbowl Revival

Having apparently tired of going it alone, well travelled Vancouver-based folk troubadour Mark Browning hooks up with a host of other skilled players on this latest full-length and adopts a band name for the occasion, too. Folks like Jesse Zubot (of Zubot & Dawson fame), Royal City alumni Nathan Lawr and Sudbury chanteuse Ruby Loves U lend their talents to the production, which defaults to sparse, dusty Western fare in the spirit of a more straightforward Giant Sand. Browning and the gang rock out occasionally, too, like on the overtly Neil Young-ish "Stolen Car,” and its slightly more mellow counterpart, "Stolen Bike.” The track "Blue Morning,” meanwhile, casts the ensemble in a bouncy, mid-tempo pop hue. Great harmonies, inspired lyrics, plenty of Canadian geographical mentions and no less than three different references to Camaros all contribute to Dustbowl Revival’s distinction as a top-notch effort. (Independent)