Owen Pallett Preps "Non-Fictional" Album 'In Conflict'

Owen Pallett Preps "Non-Fictional" Album 'In Conflict'
Since Owen Pallett released his first LP under his given name, Heartland, in early 2010, the violin icon formerly known as Final Fantasy has unveiled EPs and remixes, contributed strings to a range of artists, and composed mini-scores. Now, he is looking ahead to his next full-length.

After not tweeting for several days, Pallett explained his absence on November 12 by writing on Twitter, "I haven't been tweeting b/c I've been working on a new album. When I start tweeting again you'll know I'm done." He went on to add, "It is called 'In conflict' and it's long and non-fictional."

Evidently, Pallett has been working on In Conflict for some time, but is now committed to finally finishing it off. He wrote, "To be fair I've been working on 'new album' off and on for a while but it's, like, time to make some committed decisions."

There's no indication as to how long it will take Pallett to finish recording his new material, but we should all stay tuned for an official announcement.

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