Owen Pallett "The Riverbed" / "On a Path" (videos)

Owen Pallett 'The Riverbed' / 'On a Path' (videos)
While accomplished Canadian violinist Owen Pallett may be heading to the 86th annual Academy Awards this weekend due to his contribution on the Oscar-nominated score for Spike Jonze's Her, it appears that's not the only audio-visual accompaniment he's been a part of recently, as Pallett has just unveiled two video clips for his new album, In Conflict.

The first of two full tracks released from Pallett's new album, "The Riverbed" showcases his signature symphonic sounds synced up to a musical video directed by Eva Michon.

Starring career actor Jim Pallett (Owen's uncle), the clip finds an elderly man going about his day-to-day life and enjoying the Los Angeles skyline while on a date. But things take a turn once a group of hoodlums arrive and cause some drama right as the track reaches a soaring crescendo.

If that wasn't enough, Pallett has also released a minimalist lyric video for album highlight "On a Path," which features a collection of antique electronics as Pallett's emotional lyrics slide by in the same font as your average label maker.

In Conflict won't be out until May 13 through Domino/Secret City. Until then, watch "The Riverbed" and "On a Path" now in the players below.