Colisée B, Victoriaville QC, May 15

OvOColisée B, Victoriaville QC, May 15
Although they play all the time in Europe, this Italian duo has never been to Canada before. Formed in 2000 by guitarist/vocalist Stefania Pedretti and drummer Bruno Dorella (they also credit their sound mixer, Mattia Coletti, as a member), they're a damn curious outfit.
Technically, the music they play is considered an alloy of doom metal and noise rock, but the easiest way to shorthand their sound is by metaphor. Imagine if the Magik Markers were just a duo again, but instead of rock-steady Pete Nolan, the drummer was a caveman... someone like Jeff Hartford from Noise Nomads, or Fred Flintstone. Then think what it would be like if Elisa had a voice borrowed from one of the witches in Polanski's Macbeth. That puts you somewhere near OvO's gestalt.
Pedretti even does that two-hands-on-the-front-of-the-guitar-thing, which I thought Elisa had trademarked years ago — apparently not. As you might imagine, the sound can get a tad grating in spots, but really, it's pretty cool. I bought both records they had for sale. I'm curious to hear how they're captured in the studio. Here's hoping that sound guy earns his pay. 
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