OvO Abisso

Husband and wife duo Bruno Dorella and Stefania Pedretti have never made an accessible album. As a wholly assaultive, high-energy experience, Abisso is no different. Every song — from the dizzying mayhem of "I Cannibali" to the Giallo doom of "Fly Little Demon" — works to shock and destabilize, making this record a completely exhilarating listen. Their bass/drum dynamic remains the group's foundation, acting as a conduit to their darkly rhythmic world.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of OvO's music comes care of Dorella and Pedretti's voices. Their vocal capabilities are an integral part of Abisso, with the two trading singing duties throughout the record, distorting and contorting their vocals in any way possible. They also use other voices to augment their own, with guest performances by Alan Dubin and Carla Bozulich, as well as sampled vocals deployed throughout the album's second half. OvO's transformation into this metal Morricone monster hasn't happened overnight, but Abisso finds the duo at their best: ugly, bombastic and undeniably captivating. (Supernatural Cat)