Overmaster Master of War

Considering Overmaster are populated by many veterans of the Italian metal scene, one would expect something more from this debut. The production and musicianship are up to par, and overall the writing is decent. The keyboards are noteworthy, although Overmaster are less flowery than other Italian power metal bands, and the symphonic touches are unobtrusive, but still obvious. Yet something just isn't working, and unfortunately it mainly comes down to the vocals. Gus GabarrĂ² is an experienced singer, but despite being Overmaster's founder, doesn't fit the music. There is a thrashy undertone to the record, with influences from German heavy metal, and he doesn't sound like the right choice, nor are listeners met with the soaring melodies and memorable hooks common to power metal. Though not a total miss, the album isn't exactly a hit either. Overmaster seem to know what they want to do; hopefully they'll achieve it on their next record. (Cruz Del Sur)