Overkill RelixIV

Like Anthrax, one thing this long-running thrash act has always had is a bit of a sense of humour, even if most of the songs end up being incredibly straight-faced, occasionally to the point of oppression. This disc finds the band doing what they do best, once again: chunky and punchy thrash, this time around veering more to the mid-tempo than any kind of galloping neck-crunchers. Of course, the hysterical vocals from Bobby "Blitz” Ellsworth push it over the top on many levels, some good and many bad. Pound for pound it makes me feel the way every new Overkill disc does: great while it’s spinning, although it takes a bit of motivation to throw it back on; I usually forget the songs when it’s over; and I’m always left feeling incredibly satisfied with the production sound, sometimes the best part of this band. So, chalk up another solid release for these guys, although I don’t know how many more good-yet-forgettable albums from Overkill are needed. Bonus points for still being on Spitfire, apparently the only metal band remaining on what was once a very promising label. (Spitfire)