Overcast Sound Holding Pattern

Overcast SoundHolding Pattern
Victoria, BC is a very special place in the world of electronic music. Having an undeniable reputation as a powerful musical think tank, Victoria has spawned yet another shining star with Overcast Sound. Overcast Sound's Jamie Drouin and Michael Pettit have teamed up with Canada's Basic Sounds imprint to release their latest sonic experimentations, Holding Pattern. Their sound, reminiscent of Move D's groovy beats and detailed soundscapes, yet skilfully infused with a vibe that quintessentially resonates from Canada's Pacific region, brings to life the sounds of the dreary left coast in a way that no one to date has been able to in such distinct detail. The duo's uncanny use of space pulls you deeper with "At Dawn," shedding a few layers to reveal the soothing textures of "Proceed to the Exits," making Holding Pattern a release that will pique the interest of electronic music's most influential chin scratchers. (Basic Sounds)