Outlawz Perfect Timing

Having cut their teeth with the late, great Tupac Amaru Shakur (who served as both their mentor in the rap game and collaborator on such classics as All Eyez On Me), the Outlawz return for their fifth and final album, Perfect Timing, which proves to be both an apt personal send off and a respectable ode to a West coast legend. With guest spots from the likes of Scarface, Lloyd and Bun B, and beats by K-Salaam & Beatnick, and Cozmo, to name a few, the album has a dope '90s throwback feel, but it's not free of missteps, like the irritating, repetitive, skippable "Once in a Lifetime," featuring Aktual. However, images of Pac quickly come to mind on the swagged-out, breezy "Fast Lane," featuring King Malachi, and on the cathartic "Remember Me," featuring Tony Williams, the listener is left waiting for a verse from Pac, whose voice the touching piano melody was tailor-made for. Kudos to the Outlawz for putting together a solid effort that also made me want to dig out my 2Pac's greatest hits compilation. (Krude/Fontana/Universal)