Our Last Night The Ghosts Among Us

Epitaph’s newest light-heavyweight champions are four chaps from New Hampshire known as Out Last Night. Their full-length debut album, The Ghosts Among Us, has all the polished punishment that producer Steve Evetts is known for with Senses Fail and Every Time I Die, for the under 20 crowd, and for the old timers he’s the Dillinger Escape Plan, Deadguy and Sepultura. While The Ghosts Among Us plays on the commonly heard screamo conventions, Our Last Night’s work here is a constant reminder of why this genre became so popular. The duality of Trent Wentworth and brother Matt’s vocals provide textures that follow the music accordingly. Our Last Night are best compared to Armor For Sleep, with a container of pep pills. Their mastery of harmony and friendly tones are battled with heavy, muted guitars, punchy drumming and several pulse-stopping breakdowns. Our Last Night’s days have only just begun. (Epitaph)