Ought Sign to Merge/Royal Mountain

Their third album will arrive next year
Ought Sign to Merge/Royal Mountain
Ahead of delivering a follow-up effort to 2015's Sun Coming Down, Ought have announced their signing to Merge/Royal Mountain.

As outlined in a press release, Royal Mountain will become the band's label home in Canada, while Merge will represent the band across the rest of the world. The band had previously delivered both the aforementioned Sun Coming Down and 2014 debut More Than Any Other Day through Constellation Records.

A press release also notes that the band's third LP will arrive in 2018. Ought also released a statement of their signing as follows:

So band made album and band poked around for labels and Merge + Royal Mountain heard said album and offered to front certain standard costs for manufacturing and distribution of said album but also to enter us into their bosoms of artist-centered excellence and my what rosters and my what fine names to have on our new album so band said yes and felt excitement and on that note would love a couple of stickers if you guys can respectively hook it up?

Ought are set to tour the United States throughout October and November alongside US Weekly and Waxahatchee. You can find further details on those dates here.