Ottawa's Average Times Release Debut Album, Premiere New Video

Ottawa's Average Times Release Debut Album, Premiere New Video
Hosehead Records has become a go-to source for up-and-coming Canadian punk and garage, with recent records from the likes of the Steve Adamyk Band, Pink Wine and the Ketamines. The imprint will continue its hot streak with the release of the debut album from Ottawa act Average Times.

The quartet features members of local bands like Savage Crimes, Uranium Comeback, Voicemail and Hellbros. As could be expected, they specialize in timeless singalong punk that will fit in nicely with the current crop of Canadian garage bands.

Average Times' self-titled debut album was recorded with Paul "Yogi" Grainger (White Wires, Steve Adamyk Band) and mixed by Ian Showalter (Dagger Eyes, Pregnancy Scares). The album features 13 tracks, with excellent song titles like "Wasted on Wine" and "I Hate Tomato Juice and I Hate You."

Hosehead will release Average Times on vinyl on March 4. Prior to that, the album will hit the band's Bandcamp today (January 23).

In addition, Average Times have released a video for the aforementioned fist-pumper "Wasted on Wine." The video, which combines life footage of the band with clips of videogames and basketball, can be streamed below.

Average Times:

1. Popsicle

2. Leave Me Alone

3. Wasted On Wine

4. Snakes

5. She Knows

6. Do The Dance

7. Glitch

8. Summer Nights

9. Look Loose

10. On My Own

11. I Hate Tomato Juice And I Hate You
12. Kraken
13. 10 Million Leagues