Ottawa Explosion Weekend Will Not Return

Ottawa Explosion Weekend Will Not Return
Long-running and beloved punk festival Ottawa Explosion Weekend has maintained its tight-knit, community-oriented fun for eight years. Unfortunately, the 2018 edition of the event that took place earlier this year will officially be the last.

On Facebook, the fest's organizers confirmed that they will not bring back the event next year, writing "OXW 2018 will be the last edition of Ottawa Explosion Weekend."

They explained, "We are all busy with our work and projects and it came to time to focus on those and whatever else the future holds."

Explosion organizers still have three upcoming events in the city, and they also ended their farewell on a hopeful note encouraging others to carry the torch.

"We encourage everyone reading this to get involved or continue to be involved in their local music community," they said. "Start a band, put on shows, document what's going on, or just be there to support what's happening in your city."

Read the full statement from Ottawa Explosion below.