Osker Treatment 5

Osker call themselves "the most hated band on Epitaph," but should cut to the chase: "The whiniest, most irritating and bratty band in Southern California." The band's young - average age maybe 18 - and therefore stupid. Most of the 18 songs on the album were written by singer Devon Williams at the pimply age of 16, and the titles jump off the case at you like pus from a popped zit. From the opening "I Cannot," through songs like "Useless," "Dying," "Numbskull," "Two Faced," "Asshole," "Shitface" and of course the pithy and profound "Life Sucks." Shut the fuck up and quit your belly-aching. I'm sick of it and I'll personally fly down to Southern California and give you something to whine about. The album isn't bad, though - Green Day meets early Rancid. (Epitaph)