Osker Idle Will Kill

Although singer/songwriter Devon Williams is only 19, he definitely knows how to write a catchy and emotionally textured song. It's quite amazing to believe that someone so young would be able to effortlessly expel feelings and insight with the introspective of someone possessing 20 more years of life experience. Idle Will Kill is the bands sophomore effort, and even though they are but a youthful two-piece, there's something very mature and snotty emanating from every orifice of this recording. Moreover, Devon's nasally whine may get nerve wrecking at times, but you just can't stop listening to him. Love them or hate them, they know how to produce vital music, and regardless of what you may think of them, they probably don't care. If you dig Canada's emo-indie-rockers the Weakerthans, then Osker will definitely please you and incite elation. (Epitaph)