Osborn Osborn

This record begins on a glitzy and mathematical melody ("16th Stage”) somewhere between Air and Minisystem, inspiring thoughts of beach vibes and watermelon polo shirts. This record is a smooth and comfortable listen. "Downtown” and "Ruling” are both solidly danceable tunes. "Evenmore” would make stylish music for a movie set in the city. "Suffer” is kind of a weak interpretation of melodic computer music and drum & bass (without the bass), however. Ed DMX brings in the style of a deeper-voiced Jon Spencer introducing all these different beats and scratches on "Our Definition of a Breakdown.” "Afrika” reworks melodic African vocals and drumming, and is awesome. That each track on the album is unique makes it an enjoyable listenable. I get the feeling Todd Osborn is approaching this music from a sort of intellectual standpoint but it’s nice to see the melding of this world with a more soulful and musical approach. (Ghostly)