Ortolan Time on a String

Emerging from New Jersey, Ortolan's distinct folk sound combines facets of early '60s doo-wop with the contemporary edge of indie girl bands like Tegan and Sara. The Cottingham sisters (joined by their sister-in-law) capture the quirkiness of Regina Spektor and the naivety of Joanna Newsom with vintage charm that doesn't sacrifice fluid melodies or graceful lyrics for the sake of appearing off-the-wall. At 16 years young, one can only hope Stephanie Cottingham (lead vocals) doesn't outgrow the raw, wholesome talent she so naturally displays. Like finding an antique trinket worth a mint among the commonplace fare of rummage sales, discovering the quartet's vintage album, Time on a String, makes you want to jump up and down and shriek with delight. Be forewarned: you'll find yourself torn between wanting to rave about them from every rooftop and wanting to conceal your best kept secret from the masses, because music this good is worth hoarding! (Sounds Familyre)