Orphans Monster

When it comes to good old-fashioned rock’n’roll, simplicity is the best approach. It’s worked for AC/DC for over 30 years. Keeping that straightforward mentality in mind, Hamilton, ON’s Orphans deliver ten bouts of twangy, blues-based rock infused with touches of punk rock belligerence and boozy swagger. Propelled by thick, overdriven guitars laying down a beefy trail of three-chord riffs and fleshed out by no-frills beats and a singer giving his best "Gimme Danger”-era Iggy Pop impression, Monster is blue-collar rock’n’roll at its finest. There’s no mistaking what such sleazy, Olde English-fuelled guitar anthems are for: driving hot rods, drinking until the sun comes up and propositioning the opposite sex. Bare bones but burly, fans of Zeke, Supersuckers and Candy Snatchers would do well to adopt these Orphans.