​Oreo Unveils Record Player That Plays Actual Oreos

​Oreo Unveils Record Player That Plays Actual Oreos
The music- and cookie-loving cross-section of the population just got the perfect gift idea thanks to Oreo maker Nabisco. The chocolate-and-cream cookie company has unveiled a miniature turntable that plays edible records made out of actual Oreos.
According to the instructions, you just pop one of the cookies on the turntable like you would a record, and a song will start to play. As you take bites out of that cookie, the song will change.
It even features a function that allows you to record a song or message.
And while it does come with an array of Oreo cookie variations like white fudge flavoured Oreos and Oreo Thins, the record player also works with the good old-fashioned originals.
Check out a user-made demonstration of the delicious toy below, or check out the official Amazon product video here.