Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'Rourke


Oren Ambarchi and Jim O'RourkeBehold
This second release by Ambarchi and O'Rourke features two tracks of artfully realized ambience. Ambient is a word/genre that has been overused, but this duo adheres to it wholly: theirs is the creation of a fully realized musical world hat is not dependent on melodic, rhythmic or harmonic movement as its raison d'etre.
Both tracks here, however, maintain roughly the same narrative arcs, layering these events into a body, dropping drum/cymbal pulses roughly in the middle of the tracks and then moving away from that frame with more robust sonic interventions. They're well executed, but as they're pretty much two takes on a single idea, it all feels just a little slight. (Editions Mego)
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