Oregon Metalhead's Stolen Vest Ends Up in Macy's Window Display in New York

Oregon Metalhead's Stolen Vest Ends Up in Macy's Window Display in New York
Believe it or not, metalheads, but fashionable types now consider the blood- and vomit-stained Cannibal Corpse patches on your manky old jean jacket to be highly coveted items. One banger from Oregon City, OR, learned this the hard way, recently discovering that a stolen vest of his has popped up in a Macy's window display in New York City.

As Oregon's KATU News reports, Maniak bassist Meshach Babcock had been given a denim vest from a friend years ago and had personalized the attire with plenty of metal-themed band patches and a bit of handwriting. In particular, he sewed on patches in support of bands like Mercyful Fate, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Ange, placed a Misfits logo on the inside of the jacket, and added a few studs for good measure.

The custom job, however, had been stolen three years ago during a battle of the bands event at Oregon City High School.

Bizarrely, the dirtied-up jean vest managed to become part of a current Ralph Lauren Polo window display at a New York City Macy's department store.

An online post about the jacket caught the eye of metal band Nasty Savage, since their patch was also affixed to the vest, who then posted the pic on their Facebook page. A friend of Babcock's then sent him the link, which led the bassist to wonder how the vest ended up on display.

"I really would like to figure out all this travelling that my vest has been doing without me, having all the fun. There's got be some people who can give me some information about where it came from," the metal musician said.

He added: "The other thing about the vest is that it had never been washed, and when I saw the picture I thought I really hoped they didn't wash it. The whole mojo factor of it. The vest is what it is, it becomes part of you."

Babcock is hoping to have his beloved vest returned, though Macy's and Polo reportedly have to figure out who gave them the item in the first place. If returned, Babcock has plans to do some nude skydiving while wearing only the vest.

UPDATE (02/22, 11 a.m.): In a bit of good news, Babcock's vest has now been returned. You can watch him discuss the journey below on air at 105.9 the Brew.