Orca Team Ukrainian Federation, Montreal, QC, September 19

Orca TeamUkrainian Federation, Montreal, QC, September 19
Photo: Steve Louie
Opening for once-upon-a-time Stereolab singer Laetitia Sadier, Seattle-based trio Orca Team didn't sound too out of place in the lineup. As a self-described post-punk surf band, the rather reserved guitar-bass-drum group did indeed sound somewhere along the lines of a Pylon spin-off brushing up classic pre-acid garage lines. Singer/bass player Leif Anders, in a Marcel Marceau-cum-Adam-West-era-Batman outfit, and guitarist Jessica B. strolled the stage in a light stride that made their act look like a frail goth's beach-bum fantasy, while drummer Dwayne Cullen provided a considerable backbone to a group who would have made more sense at an art opening or a dance party. The most redeeming element of their set was by far B.'s intelligent, jangly guitar riffs with no fuzz, power chords or droning reverb like it's nobody's business.

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