The Orb

Moonbuilding 2073 AD

The OrbMoonbuilding 2073 AD
The Orb have been prolific of late, releasing four LPs over the past six years. But what makes this artistic stretch so fascinating is just how eclectic and resourceful the electro-ambient duo have become. After releasing albums with David Gilmour, Youth and Lee "Scratch" Perry, Moonbuilding 2073 AD is the Orb's first album of non-collaborative work since 2009's Baghdad Batteries. On their latest full-length, the duo maintain their ambition, putting together four sonically challenging tracks that range between nine and 15 minutes in length.
Although many moments, like the spoken word-featuring "God's Mirrorball" and the building, vocal-and-piano-looping "Moonscapes 2073 BC" sound like classic Orb, much of the material finds the Orb philandering with hip-hop rhythms ("Moonbuilding 2073 AD") or vibrating textures ("Lunar Caves"). With three bonus tracks (only included on the vinyl release), and one dedicated to J Dilla, the Orb have once again opened themselves up to be inspired be the sounds and artists they truly admire. (Kompakt)
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